What is LaraDumps


LaraDumps is a friendly app designed to boost your Laravel PHP coding and debugging experience.

When using LaraDumps, you can see the result of your debug displayed in a standalone Desktop Application.


These are some debug tools provided by LaraDumps:

  • Dump single or multiple variables at once.
  • See your dumped values in a Table, with a built-in search feature.
  • Improve your debugging experience using different screens.
  • Watch SQL Queries.
  • Monitor Laravel Logs.
  • Validate JSON strings.
  • Verify if a string contains a substring.
  • View phpinfo() configuration.
  • List your Laravel Routes.
  • Inspect Model attributes.

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Tech Stack

  • PHP & Laravel
  • Electron
  • Vue 3
  • Tailwind CSS


LaraDumps is a free open-source project, and it was inspired by Spatie Rayopen in new window, check it out!