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Release Notes

LaraDumps v3 is now available!

New in LaraDumps App

🌼 UI made with daisyUI

🎨 Multi Themes - Now, with built-in integration with daisyui, it's easier to create or add new themes for laradumps!

Themes are easily changed through the menu in the "Themes" app. Currently, 8 main themes have been added (Light, Dark, Dracula, Dim, Retro, Halloween, Cyberpunk and Laravel).

Switcher project at the top of the menu

The /vendor/bin/laradumps configure command has been deprecated and replaced with ds:init.

If you are on Laravel: php artisan ds:init $(pwd)

If you are on PHP without Laravel: /vendor/bin/laradumps init $(pwd). Read more.

🧩 Menu Updates

Added to main menu: Auto Launch, Language, Shortcuts Reorder, Saved Dumps, Themes, IDE,

💻 Auto Launch

Start LaraDumps at your computer's login. (windows and mac)

🔗 Menu IDE Handler

In version 2, the IDE Handler configuration was in the PHP backend. Now you can change the IDE without losing your dumps!

New in LaraDumps PHP Packages

LaraDumps for Laravel


  • Command: php artisan ds:init $(pwd)

  • New Observer: dump or dd

    You can use LaraDumps to listen to dump() and dd(). Change this in laradumps.yaml in observers.dump or through the app

  • New Observer: Slow Queries

LaraDumps can identify slow queries. Activate this functionality through the app or laradumps.yaml, and change the minimum threshold in slow_queries.threshold_in_ms

  • Improves: Log Context

    In Laravel 11 Log Context was added and this was supported

LaraDumps for PHP


  • Command: /vendor/bin/laradumps init $(pwd)

Created By Luan Freitas