With LaraDumps, you can go right into debugging with minimal effort:

1․ Download the LaraDumps Desktop App.

2․ Add the LaraDumps Laravel Package to your Laravel project.

3․ Start to Debug!

Desktop App

LaraDumps Desktop App is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Proceed to the installation instructions according to your operating system:


Click to Download LaraDumps v1.7.2open in new window installer for Windows.

Once downloaded, open it and proceed with the installer.



Download from in new window


Download the latest application image LaraDumps-x.x.x.AppImage from GitHubopen in new window.

Click to Download LaraDumps v1.7.2open in new window application image for Linux.

Once downloaded, assign execution permission to the file:

Click on Properties, navigate to Permissions and click Allow to execute file as program. Now, open the AppImage file to proceed with the installation.

Alternatively, use the Terminal and run the command below:

chmod u+x ./LaraDumps-1.7.2.AppImage && ./LaraDumps-1.7.2.AppImage

(These steps might slightly change depending on your Linux distribution).


Click to Download LaraDumps v1.7.2open in new window Apple Disc Image (.dmg) for macOS.

Once downloaded, open the file and drag & drop the LaraDumps app into your Applications folder.

Authorizing the app

The first time you open LaraDumps, you will receive an alert saying LaraDumps cannot be opened.

Don't worry! This is just because the app code is not signed with Apple. LaraDumps is not a malicious software and all code is open-source.

To authorize LaraDumps to run, follow these steps:

1․ Click on the  (Apple logo) on the top menu.

2․ Go to System Preferences.

3․ Open the Security & Privacy tab.

4․ Click on the 🔒 (lock pad) and enter your password to authenticate.

5․ Click Open Anyway for LaraDumps.

6․ Once again, click Open when you are prompted about "This is an Internet Application".

Now, LaraDumps should run just fine!

Laravel Package

Requirements: PHP 8.0+ and Laravel 8.75+

1․ Install LaraDumps Package in your Laravel project using Composeropen in new window.

Run the command:

composer require laradumps/laradumps --dev

2․ Now, configure LaraDumps. Run the command below:

php artisan ds:init

The wizard will guide you through the configuration options.