Deploying to production

Since LaraDumps is a debug dev tool, you might want to check if you forgot a ds() somewhere in your code before you deploy your app to production.

LaraDumps provides the command php artisan ds:check which will produce an error if any ds() is found in your code.


⚠️ You must specify which directories will be scanned in config file.


You can also add a custom verify script in your composer.json, and run composer verify in your deployment pipeline (CI/CD).

Example script:

"scripts": {
   "ds:check": "@php artisan ds:check",
   "verify": [
         // ..

If any ds() is found, the ds:check command will indicate you the file, line and code snippet.


If you have not forgotten any ds(), your pipeline will be completed successfully.



You can use --dirty to only track files that haven't been added to git for quick checks - Inspired by Laravel Pintopen in new window

php artisan ds:check --dirty