Desktop App

This is the LaraDumps Desktop App window, here you will receive the output of your ds() debugs.

The following image shows an example of a dump lists the main items available at the App.


LaraDumps Desktop App functionalities:

  • Screens: List of opened screens.
  • Label: Each dump has its own label. Read more about Labels.
  • Save: Click here to save and preserve the dump when the screen is cleared.
  • File & line number: This label shows the file and line where the ds() was called from. Click on it to open the file in your preferred IDE.
  • Button #1: Clear all dumps from all screens.
  • Button #2: Lists of files of each dump.
  • Button #3: Collapse/Expand all dumps.
  • Button #4: Toggle privacy mode. In privacy mode, the filename and SQL connections are hidden. This is useful when you need to share a screenshot.
  • Button #5: Saved dumps.
  • Button #6: Re-order: Allows you to drag and re-organize your dumps sequence.
  • Button #7: Toggle window "Always on top".
  • Button #8: Toggle Light/Dark Mode.
  • Button #9: Pin the active screen. The yellow pin and yellow bordered screen buttons indicate a pinned screen.
  • Button #10: Clear all dumps from active screen.

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